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Uplifting Body, Mind, & Spirit!
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 with Colette

​In this spiritual reading you will connect with your guardian angels and spirit to help you heal, grow, learn and transform.  Colette will connect with your heavenly team to help you with relationships, anxiety, parenting, forgiveness and clarity of purpose.  Whatever your concern you can trust your angels to help. This is a safe, loving session that will help you to see the higher perspective and bring you peace of mind.
*Colette is a Registered Angel Therapy Practitioner®

$77 (30 min)
$133 (60 min)
$190 (90 min)
*Phone Readings available*
Services & Specials
with Theresa, Korynn or Maureen

This ancient healing technique helps activate your natural healing processes to balance your body, mind, and spirit. Extremely relaxing with endless benefits, a Reiki session raises your vibration and soothes your nervous system.

$70 (60 min)

Energy Healing
Angel Readings & Photo Readings
At InJoy Studio and Boutique, serving with love is our highest priority, so whether you choose to have a healing massage, a pampering facial, balance and clear your energy with Healing Touch or Reiki, or comfort your spirit with an Angel Reading, you can be assured you will be in the care of a loving practitioner who will serve your highest good.​
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**(Prices and content subject to change)**

with Theresa

Reconnective Healing (RH) is a return to an optimal state of balance. It is the result of interacting with the fully comprehensive RH spectrum of frequencies that consists of energy, light and information.When RH frequencies entrain with our energy body we emit and vibrate at a higher level of light. RH creates coherence and order, a greater harmony and balance within us.

$100 (45 min)
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 with Theresa

​Kruger Omni Healing (KOH) is a unique, safe, gentle and revolutionary way to stimulate healing and benefit the body. The treatment is done by using postural checks for determining issues that are rectified using gentle tapping and stroking.  This treatment restores balance throughout the body allowing it to operate in an optimal state.

$70 (45 min)
                            Add on Chakra Balancing $10

Healing from the Heart
 Skin Care & Relaxation
with Korynn
Waxing & Tinting
Microdermabrasion & Coldlight Therapy Treatment
Repair your skin and look 10 years younger without surgery or fillers!

Freshen and refine your skin. 
This facial includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, hot towels and a mask with a stimulating facial massage. Finishing with serums and cream. Leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed. 

$45 (30 min)
Microdermabrasion is a relaxing and pain free skin resurfacing method that is non-surgical, non-chemical, and non-invasive. This process of rejuvenating exfoliation stimulates the production of new skin cells and promotes a higher level of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Coldlight Therapy stimulates deep skin tissue using photo-stimulation with specific light, proven to help reduce wrinkles, sun damage, stretch marks, cellulite, acne, rosacea, dark spots, scarring, and skin healing.


Facial                                            $135 (60 minutes)

Neck/Decollete                              $140 (60 minutes)

Face, & Neck/Decollete                 $220 (120 minutes)

A series of six treatments is recommended for maximum results. This can be done twice a week for three weeks or once a week for six weeks.

$625 (Prepaid)
A savings of $185

Brow Wax & Shaping
Upper lip Wax
Facial Wax (brow, lip, chin)
Cheek & Chin Wax
Lash Tinting                      
Brow Tinting
Lash & Brow Tinting
Brow Tint and Wax
Lash/Brow Tint & Brow Wax

$22 (with a complimentary hand or scalp massage)

Are your feet dry and cracked? 
Then this coconut infused pedicure is just for you!
Your feet will be soaked in a softening and moisturizing coconut oil bath. Then your feet will be perfectly pedicured, followed with a coconut sugar scrub, and a 20 minute foot/lower leg massage with a hydrating coconut cream. Finishing with the perfect polish of your choice.

$77 (60-90 min)

Customize with:   
~Gel Polish $15
~French Shellac Polish $20

Indulge your senses with a warm aromatherapy hand soak, followed by perfectly manicured nails, then enjoy a 10 minute soothing hand and arm massage. Finishing with the perfect polish of your choice.

$50 (45-60 min)

Customize with:   
~Gel Polish $15
~French Shellac Polish $20
Come with questions, leave with peace of mind.
Healing Massage
with Korynn

Forehead Treatment                         $45
(fine lines, wrinkles & oil control)

Eye Treatment                                   $45
(fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness & dark circles) 

Nose Treatment                                $45
(Blackheads, Pores & Redness)

Lip Treatment                                   $45
(Fine lines & Plumping)

Neck Treatment                                $45
(Tightening & sculpting)

A series of six treatments is recommended for maximum results. This can be done twice a week for three weeks or once a week for six weeks.

$250 (Prepaid)
A savings of $20


Forehead Treatment                         $30
(fine lines, wrinkles & oil control)

Eye Treatment                                   $30
(fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness & dark circles) 

Nose Treatment                                 $30
(Blackheads, Pores & Redness)

Lip Treatment                                    $30
(Fine lines & Plumping)

Sapphire Crystal Peel                       $20
(Deep Exfoliation, smooths wrinkles & bumps)
with Maureen
​This intuitively channeled photo reading provides insight into the photo of your choice. Bring in or email a photo of a loved one who has passed or a photo of yourself and Maureen will channel to receive information or messages that may be healing and enlightening.
*Include any specific request you’d like to know about your photo. 
 $65 (Prepaid)
 with Maureen

​Integrated Energy Therapy is a healing modality that allows one to release energetic imprints from the body that may have been encrypted in the physical body or cell memory. This process is with the practitioner applying a soft pressure on certain pressure points on the body to release blocked or stored energy such as fear, regret, or unforgiveness of self or others. Once the pressure is applied on specific points, it is then energetically released from the body and reintegrated with positive energy to shift to a healed state. Healing is felt on many levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, allowing one to feel more inspired and empowered with confidence and self love.
$140 (90-120 min)

 with Maureen

This powerful session will begin with an assessment of any concerns you have as well as give you an opportunity to bring forward any intentions for your energy healing.
During the session you will enter a deep state of relaxation. Along with infusing your body with healing love and light, Maureen will incorporate Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) where guided to release energetic imprints that may be impeding your goals, healing and vitality. She may receive images, messages, and intuitive guidance that she will transcribe after the completion of the session to send to you via email or text message. 
*As Each person is unique and requires a different amount of energy, thus this session may vary in time allowing the highest good of the client to be met. 

This intuitive Reiki healing session lasts 60 – 90 minutes.
Transform your skin from dry and dull to soft and glowing.

This rejuvenating treatment begins with a gentle full body exfoliation followed with relaxing warm towels.
Then an aromatic essential oil blend of your choice will be massaged into your skin. You will be wrapped in a cocoon of warmth allowing the oil to soak in deeply. While the oil is doing its magic you will receive a 30 minutes refreshing facial.
Afterwards you will emerge from your cocoon, any excess oil will be removed using warm towels, and your skin transformation will be completed with a moisturizing body lotion.
Eucalyptus: relieves congestion, eases joint and muscle pain, promotes relaxation
Lemongrass: eases body aches, releases stress/anxiety, relieves menstrual cramps
Ylang ylang: uplifts mood, calms nerves, balances hormones
Jasmine: helps with anxiety/depression, relieves fatigue, natural remedy for menopause and pms symptoms.

$108 (90 min)

Soak in the powerful benefits of coconut oil.

Start off this moisturizing mini tropical vacation with a gentle full body exfoliation followed with warm towels. Warm coconut oil infused with cocoa and vanilla essential oils is gently massaged into your skin and you will be wrapped up in cozy warmth. While the oils work their way into the skin you will receive a 30 minutes refreshing facial. Afterwards you will be unwrapped, any excess oil will be removed using warm towels. To finish off a coconut cream will be massaged into the skin.
Coconut oil benefits: anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, calms irritation, regenerating, hydrating and skin softening
Cocoa essential oil benefits: relaxes body and mind, decreases anxiety, uplifts spirits
Vanilla essential oil benefits: heals damaged skin, mood soothing, antioxidant  

$115 (90 min)


This massage uses relaxing and gentle Swedish Massage techniques. Which is perfect for those who are new to massage, or just want to simply relax.
Benefits of this massage include: improves blood circulation, promotes relaxation, stress and anxiety relief.

$35 (30 min)
$65 (60 min)
$95 (90 min)


This massage is divinely designed to relax and relieve muscle tension while improving blood circulation. This combination between a Swedish and Shiatsu massage is perfect for those who are looking for something a little deeper and more focussed than the Gentle Flow Massage. Designed to rejuvenate your body and renew your soul. 
Benefits of this massage include: Relief for headaches, tense muscles. Improve blood circulation and relaxation.

$55 (30 min) 
$85 (60 min) 
$115 (90 min)
This blissful combination of full body Gentle Flow Massage PLUS Reiki energy is perfect to melt away stress and rebalance your energy system. Float out on a cloud.

 $150 (120 min) (60 minute massage + 60 minute Reiki)
Say bye-bye to tension in 45 minutes with Korynn’s magical stress reduction technique. Focusing on shoulders, neck, scalp and face, this massage relieves headaches, shoulder pain, sinus pressure, and open your pathways to peace.

$65 (45 min) 

(All facials are customized to your skin type)


Give new life to your skin.
This facial includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, toner, steam, extractions and a calming mask. While the first mask is settling into your skin you will receive a gentle hand/arm massage. Followed by a facial massage with a rejuvenating mask. Finishing with serums and cream. Leaving your skin feeling glowing and rejuvenated.

$85 (60 min)


Give your skin the ultimate purifying experience.
This facial includes cleansing, steam, a microdermabrasion exfoliating peel and extractions. Followed by a detoxifying mask. Enjoy a hand/arm massage while the mask sets. Then a concentrated ampule (a highly concentrated serum that penetrates into the deepest layers of the dermis) is gently massaged into the skin using soft silk brushes accompanied by a relaxing facial massage with a calming mask. Finishing with serums and cream. Leaving your skin feeling pure and revived.

 $105 (90 min)


Are your hands feeling dry? Then this manicure is perfect for you! 
Start off with a warm coconut oil soak, followed by perfectly manicured nails. Then enjoy a coconut sugar hand and arm scrub, a 10 minute hand and arm massage and an aromatherapy paraffin wrap (paraffin wax is eco-friendly and vegan). You can choose between gel polish or regular polish with no extra charge.

$66 (60-90 min)


Do your feet need a little extra love? Everything the same as a Heavenly Aromatherapy Pedicure with extra callous care, an added lower leg moisturizing mask, an aromatherapy paraffin wrap (paraffin wax is eco-friendly and vegan) and scalp or hand massage. You can choose between gel polish or regular polish with no extra charge.

$111 (120 min)

Soak your feet in a warm footbath infused with your choice of aromatherapy salts. Followed by an aromatherapy foot and lower leg exfoliation. Your feet will be perfectly pedicured, then enjoy a relaxing 20 minute aromatherapy foot and lower leg massage. Finishing with the perfect polish. 

$77 (60-90 min)

Customize with:  
~Gel Polish $15
~French Shellac Polish $20

This ancient practice is used to let go of stresses in life and encourages the body to heal itself. With the benefits of increased circulation, lymph drainage, toxin release, pain management and anxiety relief, each session encourages the body systems to re-balance so they can work at their optimum for you. Experience deep rest and repair for your body, mind
and spirit.

with Val

Your session will begin with the soothing foot soak and then onto enjoying a complete foot reflexology session that is tailored to meet your body specific needs and bring you the highest benefit.

$65 (75-90 mins)
$175 for 3 Sessions (prepaid)

 with Val

Reap all the benefits of reflexology through your hands with this lovely reflexology massage treatment. Begin with warm towels and then gently relax into a treatment tailored just for you.
$45 (45-60 minutes)

Reflexology Services  with Val Overton-Cahill
(Treat Your Feet Reflexology)

Healing Body Wrap Services
with Korynn

with Val

This stress relieving, personally tailored treatment with consultation is perfect for those needing the ultimate in relaxation with deep healing and balancing benefits. 

$90 (120 mins)

with Val

A lovely, gentle treatment for babies and young children to calm and relax them. 

$45 (30 mins)

Release and Refresh
Spa Package

This combination service is designed to melt away tension in your body, mind and energy centers.

Release and Refresh
Spa Package includes:
Tension Release Massage, Refreshing Facial
& Energy Balancing

This healing service begins with a relaxing shoulder, neck, scalp and face massage to release any tension being held within the body.
Then, enjoy a refreshing facial cleanse, gentle exfoliation, hot towels, a mask & facial massage, serums and creams.
Finishing off with energy balancing to realign your body's energy centers and leave you feeling refreshed and revived.

90 minutes $123.00
Available on a gift card