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Uplifting Body, Mind, & Spirit!
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 with Colette

​In this spiritual reading you will connect with your guardian angels and spirit to help you heal, grow, learn and transform.  Colette will connect with your heavenly team to help you with relationships, anxiety, parenting, forgiveness and clarity of purpose.  Whatever your concern you can trust your angels to help. This is a safe, loving session that will help you to see the higher perspective and bring you peace of mind.
*Colette is a Registered Angel Therapy Practitioner®

$144 (60 min)
$204 (90 min)
*Phone Readings available*
Services & Specials
Angel Readings
At InJoy Studio and Boutique, serving with love is our highest priority, so whether you choose to have Reflexology, balance your Chakras with singing bowls, clear your energy with Reiki, or comfort your spirit with an Angel Reading, you can be assured you will be in the care of a loving practitioner who will serve your highest good.​
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Come with questions, leave with peace of mind.
with Maureen

This session will begin with the frequency of unconditional love. Once this frequency is attuned in your energetic field the sacred geometry chakra stones will be placed on the body and will be activated with the quartz crystal merkaba.

Some of the benefits of the Merkaba activation are:
  • Activating and aligning the light spirit body
  • Activating cellular memories of your soul journey/life purpose
  • Balancing yin and yang energy
  • Activating all chakras at a level of acceleration
  • Accelerate your consciousness
  • Open channels for divine guidance
  • Assists in activating your dormant DNA
  • Healing the body on all levels and layers
  • Enhancing creativity and your kundalini energy
  • Enhance your spiritual talents, gifts and abilities.

As each person is unique the session may vary
from 45 to 60 minutes

Intuitive Messages & Energy Healing
with Maureen

Integrated Energy Therapy is a healing modality that allows one to release energetic imprints from the body that may have been encrypted in the physical body or cell memory. This process is with the practitioner applying a soft pressure on certain pressure points on the body to release blocked or stored energy such as fear, regret, or unforgiveness of self or others. Once the pressure is applied on specific points, it is then energetically released from the body and reintegrated with positive energy to shift to a healed state. Healing is felt on many levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, allowing one to feel more inspired and empowered with confidence and self-love.

This healing session lasts 90 to 120 minutes

with Maureen

This powerful Reiki session will begin with an assessment of any concerns you have as well as give you an opportunity to bring forward any intentions for your energy healing. During the session you will enter a deep state of relaxation. Along with infusing your body with healing love and light, Maureen will incorporate Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), where guided, to release energetic imprints that may be impeding your goals, healing and vitality. Sound Therapy may also be incorporated to balance, clear, and soothe your energy. She may receive images, messages, and intuitive guidance that she will share throughout your session. If you would also like an Email copy of the intuitive messages received during your session it is an additional $20.

This session lasts 90 to 120 minutes to ensure 
the highest good of each client is met $114

E-mail Add-on $20

with Maureen

Sound is a powerful way to move energy. Sound can be used to unlock blocked emotions and release them with ease and grace without having to have physical contact on body. Each frequency has profound healing benefits at a cellular level.

Some of the tools that may be used during your service are: Quartz Crystal Tuning Forks, Weighted and Unweighted Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, Kochi Chime, Rattle, and Ocean Drum.

Some of the benefits:
  • Increase vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation.
  • Soothe, purify and harmonize your emotions and feelings.
  • Heal stored emotional blockages with ease and grace.
  • Heal DNA, cell repair, and aura tears.
  • Relieve pain. 
  • Stimulate circulation.
  • Stimulate endocrine glands and regulate hormonal functioning.
  • Strengthen immune system.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Let go of self-worth issues 

Many times clients will receive intuitive messages with this service

This intuitive sound healing session lasts 60-75 minutes

With Maureen Rickett of Universal Healing Center
Maureen offers a 10% OFF Seniors Discount Age 60 and over
Please mention this discount at time of payment to receive it.
with Maureen

In this session you will be comfortably seated as energy practitioner and intuitive, Maureen Rickett, offers channeled spiritual insights. You will have the opportunity to bring forth any personal concerns or intentions you may have, including any questions about what might best support you at this time. Healing messages from Spirit may come through. Maureen will intuitively pull an angel card for you, to offer even more insight into your journey. Once the intuitive spirit reading is complete you will have your energy gently grounded with a sacred geometry essence spray and the frequency of a quartz crystal singing bowl.
This very unique individual session lasts 45 to 60 minutes.

                                    $111 (45 - 60 minutes)
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AGES 6-12 
with Maureen

This gentle but powerful service focuses on balancing the body’s energy system and releasing any energetic imprints. Maureen will use a combination of healing modalities that are intuitively guided throughout the service. Healing modalities that may be used are Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), and Sound Therapy such as singing bowls, tuning forks and more.

60 minutes $94 

​Past Life Regression, Messages from Beyond & Embodied Energetics

with Raven of Call of the Raven
with Raven

Customized channeled messages sent through from The Highest Source Of Divine Love & Light: From angels, archangels, past loved ones, spirit guides, animal messages, ancestors, elders or light star & earth beings are all here coming forth to support you from the other side.

$122 ~ 60 minutes

with Raven

A customized session utilizing the ancient energy medicine of Reiki and Light Language which combines cosmic and earth energies to facilitate a multi-dimensional healing of your energy, body, mind, heart and soul. Brings forth internal shifting, peace and balance from the inside out.

$111 ~ 60 minutes
$144 ~ 75 minutes
$177 ~ 90 minutes

with Raven

Each session provides a therapeutic technique that involves accessing memories of previous lifetimes through hypnosis and deep relaxation. The purpose of this exploration is to gain a deeper understanding of your souls journey, heal past wounds, and uncover hidden talents or passions that may be blocking your path to success.

$165 ~ 90 minutes

with Raven

In this session you will experience a Past Life Regression PLUS HEALING MODALITIES needed to begin to bring a closure to what surfaced during your regression. Some of these healing modalities are: clearing residual energy, closing old contracts, vows and oaths, or to bring forth any hidden talents, gifts and abilities that can support you in the present.

$222 ~ 120 minutes