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Uplifting Body, Mind, & Spirit!
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 with Colette

​In this spiritual reading you will connect with your guardian angels and spirit to help you heal, grow, learn and transform.  Colette will connect with your heavenly team to help you with relationships, anxiety, parenting, forgiveness and clarity of purpose.  Whatever your concern you can trust your angels to help. This is a safe, loving session that will help you to see the higher perspective and bring you peace of mind.
*Colette is a Registered Angel Therapy Practitioner®

$114 (45 min)
$144 (60 min)
$204 (90 min)
*Phone Readings available*
Services & Specials
with Kendall

This ancient healing technique helps activate your natural healing processes to balance your body, mind, and spirit. Extremely relaxing with endless benefits, a Reiki session raises your vibration and soothes your nervous system.

$80 (60 min)
Energy Healing
Angel Readings
At InJoy Studio and Boutique, serving with love is our highest priority, so whether you choose to have Reflexology, balance your Chakras with singing bowls, clear your energy with Reiki, or comfort your spirit with an Angel Reading, you can be assured you will be in the care of a loving practitioner who will serve your highest good.​
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Come with questions, leave with peace of mind.
This ancient practice is used to let go of stresses in life and encourages the body to heal itself. With the benefits of increased circulation, lymph drainage, toxin release, pain management and anxiety relief, each session encourages the body systems to re-balance so they can work at their optimum for you. Experience deep rest and repair for your body, mind
and spirit.
with Val

Your session will begin with the soothing foot soak and then onto enjoying a complete foot reflexology session that is tailored to meet your body specific needs and bring you the highest benefit.
$74 (between 75-90 mins)
$210 for 3 Sessions (prepaid)

 with Val

Reap all the benefits of reflexology through your hands with this lovely reflexology massage treatment. Begin with warm towels and then gently relax into a treatment tailored just for you.
$60 (60 minutes)

Reflexology Services with Val Overton-Cahill
"Treat Your Feet Reflexology"

RAC* Registered Therapist
*RAC receipts for insurance purposes available upon request.

with Val

This stress relieving, personally tailored treatment with consultation is perfect for those needing the ultimate in relaxation with deep healing and balancing benefits. 

$119 (120 mins)

with Val

A lovely, gentle treatment for babies and young children to calm and relax them. 

$45 (30 mins)

with Val 

Experience the wonderful release of endorphins that bring feelings of happiness and well-being through relaxing ear reflexology. Massaging the pressure points in your ears relaxes your body and mind, while regulating your bodies function and energy. This service includes chakra balancing and energizing using the combination of crystals and pressure points in the ear.

$75 (between 45 to 60 minutes)

with Val

Enhance the benefits of your foot reflexology session with the use of Crystals and Aromatherapy. These natural holistic elements are utilized to balance your body’s energy centers, relieve stress, and align your chakras. This session may be further enhanced with gently breath work and visualization.

$105 - 105 minutes (1 hr and 45 mins)


Along with a complete foot reflexology session, Val will use the soothing sound and frequencies of her 7 Tibetan Singing Bowls to balance your chakra energy centers and bring you further into deep relaxation. This is the perfect combination to enhance full body rebalancing.

$115.00 - 105 minutes (1 hour and 45 minutes)

with Kendall

This focussed Reiki energy treatment involves placing the hands directly on an area needing healing (such as an old injury, tense back, arthritic joint, headache, cramps, or strains). This releases blockages and gently revitalizes your energy to support your body’s natural healing. This treatment is followed by an energy brush down, aura smoothing, and grounding to help you integrate these benefits into your life. 
Note: series of follow-up treatments are recommended for deep healing

$45 (30 minutes)
(Please note first appointment with Kendall may take up to 15 minutes longer for consultation.)

with Kendall

This Reiki energy treatment focusses on the head area to bring the relaxation needed for mental or emotional healing. It begins with a 10-15 minute consultation around what you would like to heal or improve in your thoughts or emotions. The treatment can be given to your preference of either seated or lying flat for optimal comfort, and begins with pure, clearing energy to compassionately remove blockages. We will then both hold your intentions clearly in mind as you receive a gentle flow of Reiki energy ~ always for your highest good. It finishes with guided breath work and grounding visualization, allowing positive changes to integrate with you and reconnect you to the Earth.

$60 (45 minutes)
(Please note first appointment with Kendall may take up to 15 minutes longer for consultation.)
with Kendall

A gentle and soothing Reiki energy treatment using crystals that brings balance, healing, and renewal.
Crystals will be placed on your chakras to enhance energy flow and clear any blockages, allowing healing changes to take place in your body. This treatment is completed with an energy brush down, aura smoothing, and grounding to bring your highest healing potential into the present moment.

$90 (60 minutes) 
(Please note first appointment with Kendall may take up to 15 minutes longer for consultation.)
Massage Services with Certified Bodywork Practitioner
Daniela Buchanan
of "Sacred Juniper Massage & Bodywork"

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on realigning the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. It is especially helpful for releasing chronic tensions in problem areas such as the neck, shoulders, and low back that can be caused by poor posture, sports activities and injuries.
$75 (30 minutes)
$135 (60 minutes) 
$165 (90 minutes) 
Swedish relaxation is an oil massage that involves the use of gentle to moderate pressure to manipulate the superficial layers of the muscles. It is specifically designed to promote relaxation as well as relieve muscle tension and soreness in the body. This massage can be both relaxing and energizing and helps to provide a feeling of overall well-being.
$55 (30 minutes)
$95 (60 minutes) 
$125 (90 minutes 
Aromatherapy is the controlled use of Essential Oils to maintain and promote physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. One of the most effective and enjoyable methods of utilizing Aromatherapy is to incorporate it with massage by creating a blend that can be tailored to each individual's needs and concerns. Please ask your practitioner for Essential oil options to use in your massage treatment.

+$3 added on top of treatment price

Deep Flow massage is an intuitive, alignment-based approach to Bodywork and Massage that releases primary tension patterns and increases body awareness. Sessions interweave myofascial release techniques, postural alignment, stretching, and breath-work to integrate the body and mind.

$65 (30 minutes)
$125 (60 minutes)
$155 (90 minutes)
With Val

is a combination of facial, ear and foot reflex points. This can be helpful for gut problems and neurological conditions. 
It’s a treatment developed by Lone Sorensen in Spain using pressure points taken from Japanese, Chinese and Tibetan Medicine.

$74 (between 75-90 mins)
November Massage Special
with Daniela
of 'Sacred Juniper Massage & Bodywork'

Come for a massage
within the month of November
and receive a 10% OFF Coupon
to be used towards your next massage service.

Call InJoy Studio to make an appointment

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With Val

This treatment is applied to the feet and designed to help with overall hormone balancing throughout the body for the purpose of improving organ function, brain function, as well as help improve sleep. This service stimulates the 5 meridian lines by using a toe ringing technique. For the best benefit this therapy should be performed weekly for three weeks, and then we can assess your progress.

PLEASE NOTE: This European developed treatment involves a firm pressure technique that, at some points, may be a bit uncomfortable for some people, however the majority of the service is very relaxing.

$74  (between 60 to 75 mins)
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This ancient healing technique helps activate your natural healing processes to balance your body, mind, and spirit. Extremely relaxing with endless benefits, a Reiki session raises your vibration and soothes your nervous system. 
60 minutes 
Value: $80.00